Circle of Life's View on Energy Work

Holistic Health addresses the physical body, the emotional/mental body, and the spiritual/soul body of a human being.  It is not a cure for an ailment, but an approach that acknowledges and incorporates the mind, body, and spirit as a way to wellness, and values all three as vital and interconnected in order to maintain or regain health.

As more of us struggle with the current conditions of the world, chronic diseases and illnesses which do not get better with conventional medical treatments, we turn to therapies that affect the subtle energy system of the human being.

Some of these subtle energy therapies, such as, yoga, reflexology, and acupressure date back thousands of years.  The practitioners of these therapies were usually highly advanced in their spiritual levels and had a very rigorous spiritual practice, which made these therapies highly effective.  They would practice under the guidance of their master/teacher for many years before being able to work on others.

As many of these techniques, modalities and practices have gained popularity here in the West, they have lost the importance of daily spiritual practice and self-healing by the practitioners themselves.  This has caused these therapies to become less effective and/or even dangerous.  Circle of Life wants to make sure our clients are getting the safest, scientifically proven therapies available, including the most comprehensive information on spiritual science and the subtle realm.

If you are interested in learning more about the subtle energy body and anatomy, spiritual practices recommended for current times, or just want to speak with someone who can guide you in your spiritual growth, please click here.

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